A Little Bit Of Time (2018) and Earth Atlantis (Switch/PS4/Xbox One) are both out now!

June is shaping up to be a busy month here with two new projects being released within days of each other! The first of which is a short Sci-Fi film directed by Atdhe Trepca called A Little Bit Of Time. It is about a couple that fell in love in a VR world but are now living two completely separate lives in the real world. If you like Sci-Fi or anything related to VR, check it out below!

The other project is a game titled Earth Atlantis, developed by Pixel Perfex and published by Headup Games. Its a mashup of a Metroidvania, mixed with bullet hell shooter gameplay with an old school, Jules Verne styled aesthetic. It had been out on the Nintendo Switch for a while, but its now out on PS4 and Xbox One if either of those are your console of choice. I didn't do the full soundtrack for the game, but one of my tracks was licensed as boss music for the Megadron boss battle. Check out the trailer below!