About Me

I'm Garett Schmidt and I am a composer and electric bassist who specializes in Film and Video Game music and audio. I am originally from Red Deer, Canada but spent most of my life overseas growing up in China and Singapore. I am a Berklee College of Music graduate with a major in Film Scoring and a Video Game Scoring minor. Stylistically, I focus mainly on orchestral music, but I am also influenced by a wide variety of genres such as funk, rock, pop, jazz and metal.

I have been in love with music from a very young age, and I first started playing the violin at 6 years old, before playing in school orchestras for 4 years soon after. At the age of 10 I started to learn piano, playing in school rock and pop bands. I would always learn movie themes on the piano and was particularly infatuated with John Williams themes. I started playing bass at the age of 14, getting into more rock styles as well as beginning my journey into composition, writing in various classical, jazz and modern styles. During my time in Singapore, I was able to study music academically, as well as being able play a diverse range of musical styles from many different cultures.

Currently residing in Toronto, Canada, I have been working on a variety of projects, with the most recently released one being "A Little Bit of Time", a Sci-Fi film about relationships in a world of virtual reality, directed by Atdhe Trepca. Stay tuned for more project updates!