Check out the Music to Mad Potions (2018)!

Earlier this year I worked on the music and SFX for “Mad Potions” a mobile puzzle game from AppicPlay! Its a fantasy based match 3 game where you play as an alchemist running a potion shop, and dealing with strange customers, from Pirates, to Ogres, and even Medusa herself! It called for some fun, Danny Elfman inspired fantasy music to compliment the setting and fun characters. Its only available in select countries at the moment so stay tuned for updates and some gameplay videos. For now, check out the playlist with the music below!

Spice (2016) Shown at Sedona Film Festival + GDC

It's been a while since I've done a blog post, so I figured its about time I wrote one! Recently, the short film Spice (2016) I worked on was entered into the Sedona Film Festival in Arizona and was well received! If you haven't seen it yet, here's the trailer for the film. Its a quirky comedy about a middle aged couple attempting to film a sex tape, starring Steve Blackwood (Days of Our Lives) and Pamela Jayne Morgan.

In other news, I'm also heading to GDC in San Francisco this year! I had a great time last year, so I'm looking forward to meeting more wonderful devs, artists and composers again this year! Since its my second time around, the initial nervousness from last year has definitely worn off. If you see me, come say hi!